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This document defines general terms and conditions of using the online shop at the address dunin,eu, making Contract for Services, Sale Contract and rules how to use services rendered by the Seller. Making a purchase in the online shop dunin.eu the Customer accepts provisions of Rules Regulation.

Online Shop – the online shop registered as dunin.eu and working 7 day a week, 24 hours a day conducted by DUNIN sp z o.o. with its seat at Bielsko-Biała at ul. Sobieskiego 62A, tax identification number NIP: 547 20 60 638, the national business registry number REGON: 240556869, the court register number KRS: 0000274048;

Seller – the company DUNIN Sp. z o.o. with its seat at Bielsko-Biała at ul. Sobieskiego 62A, tax identification number NIP: 547 20 60 638, the national business registry number REGON: 240556869, the court register number KRS: 0000274048;

Product / Commodity– all the things (hereinafter referred to as Commodity) sold by Seller through the online shop for the benefit of the customer for a price. All commodities available in the offer of the Online shop are brand new, unless it was clearly stated otherwise ;

Order – the format placed on the webpage of Online shop specifying Commodities the Customer wants to buy and the Customer’s data necessary to make and execute Contract. Order sent to Seller is a declaration of the Customer’s will expressing readiness to make a remote Sale Contract through the Shop or the will to make a Sale Contract directly in the shop of the Seller’s Commercial Partner in case the delivery option: „ Personal collection” is selected;

Sale Contract/Contract – sale contract, in the meaning of the Civil Code, concerning sale by Seller for the benefit of the Customer of Commodity for the price with the potential dispatch costs added that is agreed in this Rules Regulation, made between Customer and Seller in a way defined within this document ie. in particular is made through remote communication . Sale Contract specifies Commodity in particular, its features, price, potential dispatch costs and other essential conditions; if Customer chooses the option to purchase and collect the ordered Commodity in the shop of the chosen Online shop’s Commercial Partner pursuant to item IV.6 of this Rules Regulation, then Customer makes Sale Contract with Commercial Partner in the moment Commodity is collected at the Commercial Partner’s and in this case Sale Contract is not a remote sale contract

Basket – the service, that can be used by all the Customers and users of the dunin.eu Shop, allowing to make a purchase of one or a few Commodities easily, enter discount codes reducing the price on the principles specified in separate regulations, display the sum up of the purchases made and their price separately and totally (including, if necessary, dispatch costs) , display the planned delivery time, keep in memory Commodities added to the basket having completed the browser session for a period of up to 21 days;

Account – space available for Customer in the online shop dunin.eu giving wider access to the shop functions including orders, notes, delivery addresses, discount coupons and others;

Customer – natural persons or legal entity/person or any organization unit with capacity to perform acts in law that shall accept the Rules Regulation to make an Account or make a Sale Contract;

Promotions – special condtions of sale, as specified in the separate regulations, for the special offer of the Online shop binding in a given period of time which Customer may make use of based on the principles defined in a separate document;

Individual orders – the Customer’s order to do a product that is not in a standard offer of the shop and will be done for the special order at one of the shop suppliers’. Because of the nature of the Individual Order the Shop will collect 30% of advance payment to do the order and give the order completion date.

Commercial Partner of Online shop – entity that runs sale and distribution of products offered by online shop based on the separate contract made with Seller


Online shop dunin.eu runs retail sale through the web network and duinin.eu platform accessible at this address and mediates in making Sale Contract between Customer and a chosen Commercial Partner of Online shop in the case as described under item IV.6 of this Rules Regulation
Acceptance of the provisions of this Rules Regulation is necessary to make a Sale Contract and to make an Account in Online shop.
Seller informs that all the products avaiable in the online shop offer dunin.eu are brand new, originally packed and free from any physical or legal defects.

All the prices given in Online shop dunin.eu are gross defined in the currency złotych polskich and include VAT. The prices given do not include any potential dispatch costs.
The orders placed through Online shop are available at the address dunin.eu for 7 days in a week through all the year
The order is effective only when Customer indicates the proper data to do the Order, in particular the delivery address and contact data or selects a purchase and collection option of the ordered commodity at the chosen Commercial Partner’s of the Online shop pursuant to item IV.6 of this Rules Regulation. If these data are not given Online shop is authorized to cancel Order.
Customer agrees to issue and send by e-mail or by traditional mail or by courier an image of support documents, in particular VAT invoices with enclosures, corrective VAT invoices with enclosures and formats. This consent authorizes Seller to draw up and send VAT invoices by e-mail pursuant to the regulation of the Minister of Finance of December 17, 2010 on transmitting electronically the invoices and the rules to keep them and the procedure to submit them at the tax authority and tax audit authority.
Making an account in the Online shop dunin.eu Customer can use the option to save data to facilitate the process of making the next order. The login and password chosen by Customer should be his/her secret. The logging data of Customers are not known to Seller. You can recover login and password on the logging page of Online shop.
Order processing starts with the moment the payment is recorded on Seller’s account for the ordered Commodity. If the option „COD” was marked the order completion time is measured immediately from the moment it is recorded in Online shop.
Individual orders are completed after the advance payment is made as agreed with the Shop Seller and are delivered as scheduled with Customer.


Commodity is forwarded to Customer at the address indicated in the Order. Any errors in the data needed to process the order may cause delays in the Commodity delivery.
Commodity is sent within 24 working hours from the moment the payment for the Order has been credited on the Seller’s account by the courier mail of the selected operator or delivered on the pallet.
Customer covers the costs of dispatch defined in the pricelist available on the page „Delivery and payments” in the Online shop dunin.eu. The fee depends on the delivery mode and method of payment selected by Customer.
Deliveries are made on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
Before you collect the mail at the post office or from the courier you should check if packaging has not been damaged in the transport. In particular you should check the condition of tapes or seals on the package. If the delivered mail has any damages or if the seals (tapes) are broken or damaged you should not accept such a mail and make a damage report in the presence of the courier and contact Seller as soon as possible to explain the matter. We inform you that not reporting any irregularities in the quality or quantity of the delivered mail in the moment of its collection can have a negative impact on the Customer’s claim proceedings on account of any damage or theft of the mail in transport
Customer while ordering Commodity can choose its delivery option in the chosen Commercial Partner’s shop of Online shop – „Delivery in the shop”. In such a case Customer only orders Commodity through Online shop, whereas he /she acquires Commodity from the Commercial Partner of Online shop making Sale Contract with Commercial Partner , that is not a remote sale contract. In such a situation Customer collecting Commodity pays its price directly for the benefit of Commercial Partner. If Sale Contract is made with Commercial Partner of Online shop the effective general legal regulations apply and it is the Partner in particular who is liable to Customer for the warranty in case of damaged Commodity
Items IV.1-5 do not apply if Customer chooses the option to collect Commodity in the shop of the chosen Commercial Partner of Online shop.

Buying Commodity in Online shop dunin.eu you obtain a receipt or, if requested, the personal invoice delivered to the customer together with the order or by e-mail or traditional mail.
Payments for Commodity should be made :
a) transfer to account 81 1140 1049 0000 4116 9300 1001 indicating order number

b) in cash (COD) through courier mail


In accordance with the existing rules Customer is authorized to withdraw from the contract without stating the reason within 14 days from the receipt of Commodity. Seller may extend this period by Promotion that is provided in the rules regulation of this Promotion. This provision is not applied if you purchase Commodity in the way as described in item IV.6 of this Rules Regulation.
The returned Commodity will be accepted only if it is sent back as complete and is not damaged in any way and if it is in the „as new” condition
If you withdraw from the contract Commodity should be sent back to the address of our warehouse DUNIN Sp. z o.o. ul. Sobieskiego 62A, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
The cost of dispatch is covered by Customer. Online shop does no accept COD mail.
Sending Commodity you should attach a „Widrawal from the contract” form to be downloaded here. Returns without the said form will not be considered.
Seller returns the cost of Commodity (price of Commodity) to Customer within 14 days from the date of the receipt of Customer’s withdrawal from the contract declaration to the bank account as shown by Customer or if not indicated, in the same way as Customer paid for Order.
If you withdraw from Individual Order not as a result of bad quality or product defect, the ordering party will lose advance payment that corresponds to the product value loss that cannot be re-sold to another Customer because of the Individual Order nature as described in definitions.

You can lodge a complaint for Commodity purchased in Online shop for the reason of
a) the manufacturing defect of commodity at the moment of purchase, b) the defect generated as a result of Commodity delivery, if the packaging or seals or tapes securing packaging are broken, c) nonconformity of Commodity with Order.

If Commodity cannot be changed as there is not one in the online shop warehouse , Customer may be proposed an alternative Commodity or within 7 days from the positive complaint handling result Customer may receive the refund for purchased Commodity.
If you use the right to lodge a complaint you should send Commodity to the address of our warehouse DUNIN Sp. z o.o. ul. Sobieskiego 62A, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała.
Customer shall pay the costs of commodity dispatch. The costs of dispatch shall be returned immediately after the positive complaint consideration result. Online shop does not accept COD mails.
Sending Commodity you should attach filled up form of the commodity complaint to be downloaded here. Complaints without or with incorrectly filled up form shall not be considered.
Provisions under item VII.1-5 do not apply if you purchase Commodity in the way as described under item IV.6 of this Rules Regulation. In such a case complaints are considered by Commercial Partner of online shop

All Commodities available in Online shop dunin.eu are brand new and are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.
All Commodities available in dunin.eu Online shop can be exchanged for other ones if: a) they show manufacturer’s defects b) commodity is not in conformity with the order.

Seller is the controller of personal data passed by Customers of Online shop.
Personal data are used to execute sale contracts and in this connection can be passed to entities responsible for delivery of the purchased commodtiies to Customer. Customers are always authorized to have access to the content of their data and to correct them. The data are passed voluntarily.

This Rules Regulation becomes effective on the day of its disclosure on the web page of Online shop dunin.eu as of 01.12.2015.
Sale Contract is made in the seat of Seller.
The commodity placed in the list of products of Online shop dunin.eu does not mean that it is available and can be ordered.
Online shop dunin.eu does its best to make the description of Commodity and its pictures on the webpage present the real condition of Commodity.
Any and all disputes that may arise in connection with the provisions of this Rules Regulation shall be settled by the competent court of the Seller’s seat.


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